Did you know that essential oils can do incredibly amazing things for cats? Yes, it’s true! But not ALL essential oils can be used safely with cats. Here’s what I’m here to tell you:

  • The quality and sourcing of the essential oils are EVERYTHING.
  • You MUST know the company you are using. Make SURE they are one thousand percent positive their essential oils are pure enough to use with animals.
  • Do your own research to make sure you know which oils are safe to use around cats (or other animals).
  • Consider working with a qualified veterinarian who is savvy with essential oils for cats.
  • There are LOADS of veterinarians, trainers, groomers, energy workers, and other pet care professionals who are using essential oils with cats and getting amazing results, both emotionally and physically.
  • ALL documented reports of cats being harmed by the use of essential oils have several things in common: