A balanced cat is a happy cat. The same goes for people. I believe that we are all energetically connected, and this is very important when it comes to the relationship we have with our cats. Animals love unconditionally and they live a life free of judgement. This is amazing because it makes them very receptive to energy work. 

Animals and people all have their own energy fields. We experience blockages whenever we experience stress or trauma, or when we are exposed to the stresses of other people. When our energy is depleted, we experience dis-ease, which can lead to illness. By checking and re-balancing our body’s energy system, we experience lighter energy, we feel restored, and we experience better wellness. 

Cat Happy offers several types of energy work for each four legged client. Because each cat is a unique individual, it is important to me to use a personalized approach to behavior modification. I currently offer Healing Touch for Animals and Reiki. I also work with people who do Animal Communication, and I am happy to work together with communicators to co-create harmony in your cat household.

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