Have you recently brought home a kitten or two and you are experiencing some behavioral challenges? Perhaps you are considering adopting a kitten and you are not sure how to set up your home and where to even begin with supplies? I can help!

Kittens are new to the world and they are still figuring out where they fit into their new home. Many new kitten parents don’t realize it, but kittens need to be trained just as much as puppies do. Yes, it’s true! Kittens must be shown where they are allowed to scratch, go to the bathroom, play, sleep, and eat. They also must have enough resources and not be forced to compete with other animals in the home (including other kittens).

Some of the common kitten topics I work with include:

  • Scratching furniture or arms/legs
  • Play aggression
  • Introducing kitten(s) to a resident cat
  • Fearfulness (feral kittens)
  • Kitten-proofing the home
  • Teaching children (and other people in the home) safe and appropriate play
  • Leash/harness training
  • Crate training (for travel purposes – not for sleeping)
  • How to get your kitten started on a quality diet

Give me a call, text, or email if you need help with your new kitten!