By purchasing my Kitten Kindergarten Online Class Series for you will have access to all of the classes below. The cost is just $65, and your access to the videos will not expire. I highly recommend tuning in to all of them! If you can’t make a particular class LIVE, you will have access to the recordings, so not to worry! These classes will take place via Zoom Call, a free video call for all participants. This series is an amazing investment for you and your future cat(s).

Class 1: Preparing your home & family for kitten(s)

  • Why two kittens are better
  • Kitten-proofing
  • Basic supplies
  • Play time & toys
  • Nutrition basics
  • Toxin-free home
  • Indoor only vs in/out
  • Preventing separation anxiety

Class 2: Training basics

  • Why clicker training?
  • Crate/carrier training
  • Car travel
  • Harness training
  • Come when called
  • Appropriate scratching surfaces
  • Nail trims
  • Teeth care

Class 3: Working with fearful, shy, or feral kittens

  • Are you ready for a fearful feline?
  • Kitten-proofing
  • Setting up a sanctuary room
  • Sound management
  • Soothing scents
  • Litter box needs / trouble shooting
  • Clicker training for socialization

Class 4: Acclimating kittens to multi-cat households

  • Sanctuary room setup
  • Introduction process
  • Litter box management
  • Vertical space
  • Scratching surfaces
  • Play time for all
  • Feeding time