Senior discounts are offered to individuals 65+ at $5 off per service.

Nail Trims 

  • $20 – Nail trim for cats
  • $30 – If a 2nd Cat Happy purrfessional is needed to assist
  • Rabbits – $25 for a 4 paw trim and scent gland cleaning
  • Guinea Pigs – $20 for a 4 paw trim

Nail Caps

  • $40 for front paws
  • $50 for all four paws
  • You may request your color of choice – must schedule at least 1 week in advance to allow for product delivery.

Litter Box Wash 

  • $20 for 1st box; $15 per additional box (includes litter scoops)

Additional options:

  • Litter delivery: $5 plus the cost of your preferred choice of litter
  • Carpet spot clean: If there is dried urine on the carpet around the litter box, I can spot treat the area with enzymatic urine cleaner. I will give you an estimate upon request.
  • Short-term Scooping Service: available for individuals who are injured/ill and unable to scoop their litter boxes for a short period of time. Please contact me for questions about this option.

Boxes should ideally be washed on a monthly basis. The box cleaning service includes a full box wash and change of fresh litter. I bring my own non-toxic cleaning supplies for your convenience and for your cat’s health. No additional charge if you have your own fresh litter!

*For any boxes that have heavy debris or solid matter that is difficult or impossible to remove, I may recommend replacement with a new box for sanitary purposes.

Drop-in Visits (Including walks)

I offer drop-in visits for your pets while you are away, which can include any or all of the following services, depending upon your preferences:

  • 30, 45, or 60 minute visits 
  • Walks (training walks also offered)
  • Playtime
  • Car rides / trips to parks (never dog parks)
  • Feeding meals
  • Refreshing water bowls
  • Administering medication

Overnight Stays

Overnight visits are offered on a limited basis. You will need to contact me to find out whether I am available to do overnight stays for the dates you need. Rates vary by location and the specific needs of your animals.