“5 STARS! My cousin recommended Jaime because I was in a desperate situation when my sick cat had gone to the ER vet hospital and came back home and my other cat had rejected him. I did not know what to do and was making matters worse, unknowingly. I was at my wits end and both of my cats were really stressed out. I’m so grateful for Jaimie’s help, for the depth of her knowledge, for the fact that she always goes the extra mile. Jaimie had an action plan and we have taken things slowly with integrating them and re-introducing them. I have had to learn to be patient in this situation and my cats are finally starting to get along again. She has changed up their food as well which should help them, in general, with better health and nutrition. She even went so far as to call the local pet store in my area and talked to the employees and told me what to purchase. She is great at communicating and is very thorough in her documentation and instructions. Jaime is so kind hearted, compassionate and very caring. She loves cats and it shows!!! Thank you so much, Jaime!”    – Phillis S. 

“First time having Jaime cat sit while i was out of the country for 2 weeks. She has such great intuition about my cat’s personality and he easily took to her, even during our initial meeting. She keeps a daily log of his activities and habits which i really appreciated. The photos she sends tells it all as well! Shes as professional as she is down to earth and she truly is an expert with felines. I highly reccomend her to anyone who truly cares about their fur children to give them the best!”    – Brenda B.

“Jaime came to my house and gave me a full orientation as to how to care for my guinea pigs – including the most nerve wracking piece: cutting their nails. She had such a good rapport with our piggies and calmed them easily before trimming a couple of nails and then encouraging me to do the same. I would highly recommend her services. Top notch. I feel so much more confident in caring for them now.”    – Laura B.

“Jaime is fantabulous! I love knowing that my fur babies are in good hands when I go on vacation. I was never a fan of boarding my pets because I don’t want to stress them out on top of being away from them. Jaime is very informative, super trustworthy, and responds very quickly to calls/texts..she even sends us pics of our cats when we’re on vacation, which we love! Highly recommend! ”    – Delia P.

“Jaime is the best. My husband and I have odd work schedules and she is always very accommodating, caring and professional. Jaime has walked and pet-sat for us for three-plus years; we highly recommend her!”    – Laura F.

“Jaime is my go to girl for when I leave my babies at home. She is more than caring and compassionate with animals of all kinds. She always gives my dogs the attention and care they deserve. I cannot recommend her enough!”    – Annie B.

“This is a great place to get info about our fur feline babies!”    – Barbara F.