Did you know you can safely use essential oils to benefit cats? You can! And there are tons of veterinarians who agree. I use Young Living essential oils in my practice because they have so many amazing therapeutic benefits for our cats and ourselves:

  • Emotional balance
    • Release of negative emotions
    • Help with trauma
    • Work through grief
    • Soothe fearfulness, worry, anxiety
    • Relief with depression
    • Promote relaxation, joy, love, release
  • Physical balance
    • Relief from discomfort, tension, stiffness
    • Help with inflammation
    • Promote healing and cell regeneration
    • Joint support
    • Immune system support
    • Work with all body systems and organs

I also use essential oils for cleaning because they are toxin-free and our animals are already much more sensitive than we are to begin with. The last thing we should be doing is toxifying their little bodies with chemicals in household cleaners, air fresheners, scented candles, and more. I use the Thieves line of products by Young Living for all of my cleaning needs and I make my own air fresheners with the oils from the Premium Starter Kit. I also use some of the oils from their animal line, called Animal Scents.

~ Stay tuned for custom blends that I am working on for cats! ~



Dr. Melissa Shelton – Crow River Animal Hospital



Dr. Susan Albright – Chenoa Veterinary Clinic



Dr. Nancy Brandt  – Natural  Care  Institute


Dr. Jodie Gruenstern – Dr. Jodie’s Integrative Consulting



Allie Phillips – Manifested Harmony



Heather Henderson




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Here’s an online copy of the Hello Essentials LOOKBOOK that our team created that goes along with the kit with instructions on how to use everything in the kit:

Hello Essentials LOOKBOOK    –    The password is: hellobookv2